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Dr Robert LH Lim

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Public Talk on Orthotic

MyORTHO is the 1st Accredited Orthotic Specialist Centre in Malaysia. We, at MyORTHO are committed in providing our clients with high quality range of support orthotics care products and footwear. Our orthotic specialists create a range of precise, custom-fit items, from complex bracing systems to spinal orthotics, diabetic shoes to physiotherapy services. Over the years, MyORTHO has earned a strong credibility, trust and support from medical doctors, allied healthcare professionals and patients with its quality services.

In the past year, they have conducted numerous public talk and have successfully spread the awareness of the right and effective method to reduce your foot, heel, knee, hip and back pain.
For your information, they will be conducting a Public Talk Series titled - "Do You or Your Child Suffer Pain from Foot, Heel, Knee, Hip or Back Pain? - Relieve Your Pain without Surgery or Medication" on 5 October 2013 at 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya.

For this event, we have cordially invited Mr. Rod Kielt - co-founder and co-inventor of the ICB Dual Density Orthotic from Australia and our MyORTHO CEO -Dr.Edmund Lee as panel speakers to gives us more insights on proper assessment and treatment of lower limb biomechanical conditions.
 Admission is FREE for the above event. Kindly Call or SMS to book your seat with us today!. 03-9131 4988 (Diana) or 012 550 9889 (via SMS).